Working with Families

I enlisted Repploy to work with intensively with several members of my family due to the complex nature of its dynamics. Trudy provided and instilled useful strategies to help each achieve their goals, but particularly for Sarina who needed regular guidance and monitoring to help her progress towards a more self reliant outlook.

Sarina has difficulties with cognitve aspects of self care, lack of motivation to complete her responsibilities as well as strong defiance. These behaviours are typical of an individual with autism spectrum disorder. Trudy was able to help her achieve multiple short term goals such as completing her final year of schooling, job readiness and developing good hygiene practice.

Trudy also helped me to understand and use effective boundary setting, which I was was finding difficult due to feeling overwhelmed with all of the family's problems. I continue to use many of the strategies which i learned from her. On top of all this, Trudy provided me with moral support at times when I expressed my frustration about everything that was going on, this was greatly appreciated! I have learned and gained so much insight from her caring and commonsense approach and it has helped me to gain confidence as a carer as well as improving the relationship with both of my girls.

Repploy has been a great and flexible resource for my family and has empowered me to take back control. I would definately recommend her service to other families dealing with asd related issues.

Thankyou for everything Trudy, Ruth and family x

Mentor program

I contacted Repploy to see if I could get some advice , like I have with many many other places to have no help what so ever all I received was sorry can't help you.

Repploy was at my place within days and at the school getting the assistance needed of a 16 year old with AS and ADHD .

I have been asking the school for a little consideration for 4 years and not once did they, but after Repploy spoke to them all has changed. Not only does he receive help at school but in so many ways it would take me all day to tell you , if you need help with a child with AS or ADHD ring Repploy, I promise you won't be sorry, I will never be able to thank Repploy enough.

Life is so much better for him now, [not to mention me] THANK YOU REPPLOY again.

Regards Carol.

My son is 24 years old, and was diagnosed as severely autistic at the age of 3. We have come such a long way, with our journey never being a smooth one, but I can proudly say Dene has progressed from the low end of the spectrum to the high end. He has a full time job , his driving license, goes to gym, and is involved in a local cricket and football club. He watches and try's so hard to be one of the boys, but his biggest downfall is his reluctance to acknowledge his Autism and how if effects his ability to grow in social and emotional situations.

I was told when Dene was 15 that until he actually asks for help, there was little we could do. After many high and very low points in his teenage and young adult years he finally at 24years of age admitted that he struggles in group conversations, and socially needed help.

My dilemma then was how to best help him, and be able to afford it as well. I was so lucky to be referred to Trudy Cahill from Repploy who I could tell immediately, while speaking to her on the phone that she could not only help Dene achieve some life changing skills that would help him fit in and feel comfortable in a society that at times is so confusing for him, but also help me understand and gain strategies to help him as well.

Dene had 5 weekly sessions with Trudy and now is seeing her fortnightly. I have been able to email her with issues and concerns as they arise (and there is always plenty of them) and she works through different strategies and ways to deal with them. Her understanding of Dene is amazing, her knowledge, ideas and strategies on ways to teach and show him are explained in a way that he can comprehend.

She has a caring nature and I feel such a relief that Dene has someone who understands him, and can guide and teach him in a way he understands.

In the short time Trudy has been working with Dene, we have noticed an improvement in his listening behaviors and he is endeavoring to utilize the skills he has learnt appropriately in group social settings. He can also cook a meal for his family, and is learning new skills to help out.

I know that life is always going to be a learning curb for Dene, but at the moment I know we are heading in the right direction, thank you Trudy.

Regards Sue N.


Career Coaching

Repploy (Trudy) went above and beyond on all the services that she delivered, her professionalism and passion for assisting others exceeded all expectations. Trudy's easy going nature puts you at ease, making you feel comfortable whilst talking to her.

The mock interviews were extremely beneficial, preparing you for both telephone interviews as well as face to face interviews. This also improved my self-confidence, knowing that I was fully prepared in all aspects of interviewing skills.

I would highly recommend Trudy to anyone struggling to find employment. Her industry specific knowledge is vast and expansive, therefore enhancing your chances to gain employment.

- Ziggy & Julie

Life Skills / Mentoring Program

Repploy, the work you have done with my son in a such a short space of time is fantastic. From your first meeting you figured out what made him tick and you were able to challenge him just the right amount, so he was learning and achieving. His self esteem has grown so much he is now amazing us with his independence.

He now has strategies to use to solve problems for himself and he is enjoying the challenge of extra jobs around the house –because, thanks to you, he knows how to break down the task and work through it.

I would highly recommend Repploy, the service they provide is outstanding and as a parent I really appreciate the way Repploy keeps me in the loop and gives me tips so I can make the most of my sons new found skills. 

Thanks Karen W.


I would like to share some of my experiences that I have had with Repploy.
I have a grandson that has been in my care for years, we were coping until
(So we thought) the older he was getting the harder it was, like main stream school.
The teacher didn't have the time so as time went on the further he slipped behind,
Not to mention the bulling I wanted him to change school but the moment I mention it he would shut down on me (I guess you would know what I mean).
So I contacted Trudy from Repploy; as I have with many other places with no luck, but
I thought try one more time.
Well within days Trudy was up at the school getting the help that he needed and things were better, so if you are having trouble with teacher not understanding your child needs Repploy will work with you and the teachers so that your child will have a better and easier life at school and will thrive. I still wanted him to change school as too much had happen there and he was unable to forget and move on as much as he could, so I told Trudy my feelings and that every time I mentioned it what would happen , Trudy said she would work with him and see if she could get him to just think about it, well within day's she had him at the new school to have a look and he could not wait to start, now he is there with all the understanding he could ever need, happy and thriving to learn all he can. The one thing that ripped at my heart strings was when he came home and said, (this is the first week at school that I can remember never been picked on or teased) so please don't want as long as I did to get the help. you and your child needs help as soon as you can , it is never too late as my grandson is now doing year 11 and will start year 12 in July. Repploy (Trudy) is now helping with everyday challenges like crossing the road, catching public transport, meeting people, reading peoples body language , going for learners, the list just goes on.

I am not the sort of person that would recommend someone so strongly if I was not %100
Sure you would be as pleased as I am, both our lives are getting better with every visit from Trudy, (yes that's right she comes to you what a bonus).

Carolyn M.

To Trudy,

I would like to thank you for the work you have done with my son over the last year. When you first worked with him he was angry, didn't accept differences and didn't understand why people acted the way they did. Now he is starting a Certificate in Transition Education and Work Education. He is far more relaxed, happy, independent and his self esteem has greatly increased.

I am very happy to recommend Repploy and Trudy in particular.

Thanks Gary H.

School Shadowing

Wow, that is all brilliant! Such an insight.

I  had Repploy go to my sons school and shadow him for a day, this gave me such an insight into the daily life of my son and the report that was given to the school and our family was fully loaded with invaluable information and many ideas to help adapt the school to aide my boys learning.

Thank you x


Life Skills

WOW!! That sums up Trudy at Repploy. We have been working together for around 3 months now, and in that time our life has changed. Trudy is amazing with all ASD children, and will always go that little extra mile, and do that little extra special thing.

I have had Repploy go to my sons school and shadow him for a day, this gave me such an insight into the daily life of my son and the report that was given to the school and our family was fully loaded with invaluable information and many ideas to help adapt the school to aide my boys learning.

She is teaching my son many varied valuable life tools, that I dont have the experience to do.

I would highly recommend Repploy to anyone who is having difficulties, or even if you just want to provide a little extra for your struggling child. An extremely affordable and pleasurable service.

Thank you so much xxxxxxxxxxx

Jodie N.

Repploy worked with Erin several times in the last few weeks. Erin received help with English schoolwork; breaking down the meanings. This was very helpful for Erin's understanding; enabling her to complete her task. Erin discussed her plans for her education; setting goals.

With positive affirmations given and cheerful sessions with Erin; Repploy helped Erin to realize that self belief is the key to increased self esteem.Repploy explained to Erin by setting tasks like reading recipes/cooking she is learning social skills.

Erin is now showing more self belief and is determined to move towards her educational goals.

Erin has been encouraged to join in social activities at CASS; like bowling. Repploy has been very supportive of Erin in general which has been appreciated by Erin and myself as a parent.

Thank you Repploy.

Tracey E.

ASD Resume Services

To who it may concern,

I had the privilege of using the services of Repploy to write a resume for my 16 year old daughter who suffers from Aspergers Syndrome.

I have never used a résumé writing service before, having been proficient in preparing my own resumes throughout my career, leading into my current executive role in the steel industry. However, both my daughter and I felt her prospective employers should be aware of her strengths and limitations with regards to the Aspergers, and for this reason, we needed to find a service with understanding to assist.

Through mutual contacts, I was directed to Trudy Cahill of Repploy and an appointment was made. Unfortunately, shortly before the appointment time, my daughter injured her ankle and had to be taken to hospital for assessment. With my daughter desperately keen to keep the appointment, Trudy happily waited almost two hours until we had finished at the hospital and could make it to the meeting.

Trudy then set about finding out as much as possible about my daughters Aspergers symptoms and how they could be translated into strengths by a potential employer. She fully understood and supported our desire to be fully open and honest. Having never spoken to my daughter before, she was able, with her friendly, open demeanour, to relax her and get her talking about her Aspergers in a positive way, which is very difficult to do with a teenager. And what I thought was going to be a very dry, boring meeting, turned out instead to be a very lively, supportive get together which showed my daughter that it would be possible for her to earn a living and become financially independent.

When the resume and cover letter arrived shortly afterwards I was amazed. The résumé was more professional than my own! It also highlighted to prospective employers how my daughters Aspergers could be an asset for them. Trudy also offered to be an advocate for my daughter to a potential employer if need be.

I was incredibly impressed with Trudy's professionalism, her dedication, and her deep desire to assist someone for whom regular employment services would be unsuitable. I would highly recommend Repploy's services to anyone who needs extra assistance and understanding when seeking or preparing for employment.

- Jane S.

Repploy built a professional resume and cover letter that totally exceeded our expectations. Not only was their turnaround time exceptional, but they took time with my Son and got to know how the working environment would affect him personally. My Son is looking forward to working with Repploy to make him job ready.

Thank you Repploy for your guidance and expertise! We would recommend "REPPLOY" to anyone that needs help in this area.

- Joanne B.

"I wanted to thank Repploy for the wonderful work they did in preparing my children's resume's and cover letters. They went above and beyond in also looking into area's of interest for them and we couldn't be happier". "The presentation of everything was so professional and impressive and my son has already found work in a short time" Thank you Repploy!

- Kylie B.

Advocacy: Workplace

Hi Trudy,

Just wanted to give you some feedback on Jack and his job with Ikea.

Firstly thank you for helping at such short notice, we had had some issues with his provider setting up jacks job. Your assistance with sorting out Jacks needs was fantastic, he was more comfortable with telling you what he needed and you where great at giving him feedback.

The meeting with ikea and the providers went very well and your communication sheet and the preparation you put in was fantastic.

Since then jack has done fantastically well at his job His boss commented that she has no problems communicating with him and he is very punctual and a hard worker.... All great!

However initially we where headed for disaster then it was turned around with your intervention.

I would recommend Repploy to any one who has a ASD and needs assistance to settle into a job.

By the way Jacks contract has been extended by 6 months... Great news

Cheers Janice A.

Advocacy: Eduaction

School Advocacy / support ( 5 weeks too go, Reploy jumped on board and worked closely with School, teachers and client, who passed YR12 and Cert II in Business )

Thankyou to you Repploy, of course Sarina would not be where she is with out your amazing help and motivation, thankyou, thankyou thankyou!!!!! xoxoxoxo

Ruth L (via FB)

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