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Thank you for visiting our section for professionals. Repploy are here to support you to identify, source and gain insight in to the world of the Autism Spectrum Individual.
As an organisation Repploy offers many referral programs, workshop & professional development sessions to help your organisations to support your clients.
Whether that consists of

  • Individual client assistance & support
  • Organisational workshops
  • Individual /group professional development
  • Client advocacy
  • School / Education / workplace advocacy
  • Life skills / mentoring / independent living
  • All about me Program

Just to name a few

As a case manager, supporting individuals or families of individuals on the Autism spectrum can meet many challenges, let Repploy representatives give your organisation the support to gain the best outcome for your clients.

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Let's face it we don't all have the time, skills or resources to meet every individual client's needs , Repploy seeks similar minded organisations to build & maintain strategic partnerships with the goal to benefiting and supporting individuals on the Autism Spectrum.

Your alliance with our mission and values would incorporate a respect, understanding & discrimination free society for full community involvement.

Repploy-ASD-LogoOur Mission

Is to break down the barriers, increase understanding and acceptance whilst supporting individuals on the Autism spectrum to live happy fulfilled lives free of discrimination.

Our vision

A society where individuals with Autism are valued for the strengths they bring to the community
A society that appreciates understands and respects difference.
A society where compassion motivates a person's quality of life not greed
A society that recognises importance of action over conversation.

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Professional Development

Professional Learning workshops

  • Teachers, Classroom aides, ECEC staff, Trainers
  • Case managers, Disability workers, Job network
  • Community support workers
  • Employers, Support organisations

Delivered at your organisation; Customised content.

  • Newly diagnosed what next
  • Understanding Autism
  • Communication Autism's hidden language
  • Transitions Picking the right school
  • Building friendships on the spectrum
  • Teens and adults living with ASD
  • Marriage and the Autism Spectrum
  • Challenging Behaviours
  • The art of flexible thinking
  • Autism and safety
  • Importance of independence
  • Social Implications of employment
  • An Intorduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • How to support individuals with ASD
  • ASD and the recipe for success
  • Making schools ASD Friendly
  • Supportind students and families on the Autism Spectrum
  • An overview of autism spectrum disorder
  • Intervention strategies to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Strategies to increase social understanding
  • How to deal with bullying
  • Approaches to increase self esteem
  • Working with the family
  • Autsim and the classroom
  • Teaching students about sensory strategies
  • How to support Students with an Autism Spectrum Disorder in the High School Setting
  • Proactively reducing the likelihood of challenging behaviour
  • Enhancing communication
  • Developing social understanding
  • Understanding sensory integration and the impact on a child.
  • Facing challenging behaviour


Referral Form

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Employment Program

Employment-programRepploy's employment program is unique from the content to the delivery of the program. Covering the employment environmental assessment though to our specialised reverse marketing program.

Whether your clients are looking for the assistance of getting them "job ready" to support your organisations criteria of job placement or assisting them to understand the Social, ethical requirements of the workforce. Repploy's programs are individually customised to your client's needs.

  • Employment environmental assessments
  • Social understanding of the interview process
  • Interview coaching and training
  • Personal preparation
  • Mock Interviews
  • Disclosure resumes /cover letters
  • The hidden communication of the interview
  • Industry requirements and me
  • Industry specific OHS understanding
  • General OHS
  • Employment Advocacy
  • Employment shadowing
  • Training course identification
  • Career coaching
  • Reverse marketing

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Mentoring Program

Mentoring is an enlightening experience of walking the path thats already paved. Many experiences in life can be thoroughly conceived when shown, knowing how to do is more affective than just being told what to do.

The above is a reality of life for many with ASD. Society often dictates that as individuals that have grown in to adulthood we are already supposed to have acquired these skills that naturally come with maturity and life lessons of sociably exceptable behaviours, but for those with AS this isn't always the case.

Watching the struggle of our ASD child / adult trying to navigate these unpredictable social interactions that occur everyday can be heartbreaking. 

The third party introduction to blending the space between isolation and inclusion allows many ASD individuals to become open to learning whilst experiencing living instruction in daily requirements.

Each program is individually tailored to each persons needs and personal requirements. Contact us today to help your clients envision their tomorrow.

Independent Living Program

Independent-livingAt Repploy we understand and establish these customised programs to meet the appropriate foundation level the clients present at. Taking into account the challenges of ASD, possible Dyspraxia verbal /physical and secondary diagnosis.

Establishing, modelling and strategising each task, requirements until the individual has established independence in that skill.

Some of these may include

  • Self-care
  • Washing
  • Shopping
  • Cleaning
  • Cooking
  • Household chores
  • Comparison shopping
  • Transport
  • Individual independence
  • Finding / utilising relevant support networks
  • Taking responsibility
  • Effective communication
Contact us today to discuss how an alliance with Repploy can support your existing programs, or download a referral form to enrol a client today.

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