Alfred Health Services

Alfred Health Services


Phone: 1800 052 222

Alfred Health Carer Services acknowledges that carers have needs to. They aim to promote carers choice and to improve their quality of life and overall wellbeing. Their services include, but are not limited to:

-        Providing a 24 hour telephone service for carer support, information or need for urgent respite

-        Carer Support programs, including respite programs for carers,  provided in 5 areas:

  • Mental Health
  • Aged Care
  • Dementia
  • Disability
  • Young Carers

-        Respite Program for Older Carers (Weekend social/recreation) - $10 per activity

-        Support for Older Carers: Carer Meditation Program Beaconsfield - $30 per term

-        Support for Older Carers: Wellbeing Classes in Mornington – FREE

-        Recreational Respite Program

-        Assistance for young carers needing help to stay in school

Alfred Health Services operate within the ten local government areas of Bayside, Cardinia, Casey, Frankston, Glen Eira, Greater Dandenong, Kingston, Mornington Peninsula, Port Phillip and Stonnington.

All carers are able to access these services and if you are looking for any additional support as a carer, it is definitely worth contacting Alfred Services to see how they can support you.

Amaze (Autism Victoria)



Phone: 1300 308 699

Amaze (Formerly Autism Victoria) is a member-based not-for-profit organisation which aims to improve the quality of life for people affected by Austism Spectrum Disorder, their family and their carers. Amaze offers a range of services, including:

-        Administering FaHSIA “Helping Children with Autism” funding on behalf of DHS

-        Various information services such as an Autism Library, online information, fact sheets, Spectrum Information

-        Biennial Victorian Autism Conference (VAC) in Melbourne and around the state

-        Memberships providing benefits for individuals, families and professionals.

-        And much more!

Amaze membership fees are available at

For further information please visit their website.

Anglicare Victoria


Anglicare Victoria provides support to 80,000 children, young people and families every year.
Through a range of services, they work towards strengthening families and communities so they can protect and nurture the children within them.
They alleviate immediate hardship through services like emergency food and crisis accommodation, and build capacity for sustainable living through programs like foster care, financial counselling, parent education and group work.



Phone: 1800 MOBILITY (1800 66245489)

Leaders in wheelchair access, Automobility has over 10 years of experience in manufacturing wheelchair access vehicles. They perform conversions on standard cars, tailoring them to your needs. Quotes are available on their website.

Brotherhood of St Laurence


Phone: 1300 147 147

Brotherhood of St Laurence has provided services for those with disabilities since the 1960s and continues to do so today through focus on the importance of family, friends and the community for them and their carers. Services provided by The Brotherhood of St Laurence include:

-        Day activities

-        Respite services

-        In home support

-        Future Planning and self management

The Brotherhood of St Laurence provides these services in the council areas of Port Phillip, Glen Eira, Stonnington, Bayside, Dandenong, Kingston, Casey, Cardinia, Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula, at your home or in your surrounding communities. They also provide transport services to and from activities subject to individual application.

People with disability and/or carer funding are eligible for the program and can pay for the program with that funding, or can choose to pay independent of their funding. For service price details please contact the Brotherhood.

Care Choice


Phone: 1300 737 942

CareChoice provides disability support & attendant care so that all people of all ages and abilities can live as independently as possible. They support people with a range of conditions, which include:

-      Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) -      Palsy
-      Spinal Cord Injuries -      Autism & Asperger’s
-      Physical impairment / Mobility issues -      Down syndrome
-      Frederick’s Ataxia -      Visual and hearing impairment
-      Motor Neurone Disease (MND) -      Intellectual disabilities
-      Stroke -      Mental Health Illness
-      Cerebral Multiple Sclerosis (MS) -      As well as many other diagnosis / conditions.

Services Provided by CareChoice include:

-        Personal care -        Mobility Support -        Therapy Support
-        Respite Care -        Post-Hospital Care -        Transport Support
-        Shopping and Meals -        Educational Support -        Overnight & 24hr Care
-        Social & Recreational Support -        Holiday Programs (e.g. Kids Crew) -        Medication Assistance

CareChoice delivers their attendant care support through numerous funding bodies. Local, State and Federal government funding packages are available for support and care services also. For further information on CareChoice funding options, please visit Extra services outside of funding may incur additional fees. Contact CareChoice for further information.

To see if Carechoice services your area please visit

Care Connect


Phone: (03) 9270 9999

Specialising in ageing, disability, mental health and carer support, Care Connect will work with you to provide you with the support that you require. They will connect you with services allowing you to remain living independently at home while providing you with value for money as they are one of Australia’s largest purchasers of care services. CareConnect is a non-religious and not-for-profit organisation dedicated to helping you fulfil your needs.

Services Include:

-      Connect you with the services you require

to people from the following communities:

  • Culturally and linguistically diverse
  • Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islanders
  • Financially/socially disadvantaged
  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex
  • veterans

-      iCareConnect

-      Co-ordinating home care services for people of all ages
-      Providing home care services…
related to
  • Aged care
  • Mental health
  • Disability
  • Carer support

Carer Solutions Australia


Phone: 1300 729 839

Carer Solutions Australia provides services to anyone in the community who requires care and would like to employ the support worker(s) of their choice. They help you to locate support workers who fit your individual needs. You then receive the benefits of having a support worker, with your main responsibility being to approve timesheets and sending them back to Carer Solutions for payment out of your funding.

Carer Solutions fees are capped, ensuring that your support workers are not receiving minimum wage while Carer Solutions pockets the rest.

For more information, please visit the Carer Solutions website.

Carers Victoria


Phone: 9396 9500

Carers Victoria provides advice, information and support for carers to improve their health, wellbeing, capacity, financial security and resilience. Their key services consist of:

-        Emotional support and counselling

-        Research, policy and systematic change

-        Opportunities and ideas

-        Practical support and respite

-        Education and development

-        Information and advice

The counselling service is free for carers. For more information please visit the Carers Victoria website.

Communication Rights Australia


Phone: 9555 8948

Communication Rights Australia is a not-for-profit organisation run by a voluntary Board of Directors. It is funded by Department of Human Services and Office for Disabilities. They advocate for people with little or no speech when their rights are not being upheld. Those with little or no speech include those with impairments in:

-        Expressive language

-        Speech

-        Pragmatics

-        Fluency

-        Voice

Other services they provide include training kits, including manuals videos and information sessions for staff and organisations; secondary consultations where expert advice is provided to individuals and organisations and small focus groups are facilitated; and hospital kits which involves a communication book developed for people with little or no speech to use while in hospital.

For further information, please visit the Communication Rights Australia website.

Disability Services Commissioner


Phone: 1300 677 187

Provides an avenue for people receiving disability services to speak up about services which they are not happy about. Everything is free, confidential and is dealt with independently from the organisation in question. Their services include:

-        Facilitating discussions and agreements

-        Providing advice

-        Conciliation processes

-        Understanding circumstances and conduction formal investigations

Anyone is able to make a complaint and these complaints can be made to the Disability Services Commissioner regarding:

-        Services a person receives

-        How a service provider has handled a complaint

For more information, please visit the Disability Services Commissioners website.

DSAMP: Disabled Surfers Association Mornington Peninsula


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

DSAMP is part of the Disabled Surfers Association of Australia and aims to provide a safe and enjoyable surfing experience to people with a disability. No experience or gear is required as wetsuits, beach access and surfboards are all provided by DSAMP. Membership is $20 per year, which includes membership to all 15 branches. For further information please visit the DSA website or email them any enquiries.



Run by Austism Spectrum Australia (ASPECT) (Previously Alpha Autism Australia), Drawtism is free to register and you can then host your own Drawtism event where you and all your guests play Pictionary while raising money for Austism. Pictionary is chosen in particular as we all know how frustrating it can be trying to get what you mean across in your drawing, which gives us an insight into the frustration that comes from communication barriers arising from ASD. For fundraising tips, further information and to register, please visit their site.

DVJS Employment Solutions


Phone: 1300 385 738

DVJS is a Commonwealth Government funded initiative with the aim of assisting people with disabilities with entry into the general workforce where they can then be treated and paid like any other worker. They have a network of local employers who often go through DVJS for their recruitment needs and are extremely positive towards the employment of people with disabilities.

DVJS offers employment programs catering to specific needs and requirements, with a concentration on job hunting for you with minimal case management, unless more is required. They then provide intensive support in your new workplace until you are able to meet the needs of your employer individually. Services include:

-        1:1 Case management and employment preparation

-        Job Guidance

-        Resume & Application Assistance

-        Jobsearch assistance

-        Interview Assistance

-        Arrange wage subsidies and workplace modifications

-        Work experience and training opportunities

-        Onsite training and support

-        Ongoing support once you have a job

You are eligible for DVJS’s services if:

-        You have a permanent disability, injury or medical condition.

-        You are 16-65 years of age

-        You are motivated and ready to work

-        You live in Dandenong, Casey, Pakenham, Monash, Kingston or Whitehorse.

-        You are thinking of leaving school

For further information, please visit the DVJS website.

Focus Life


Phone: (03) 5981 5100

Focus Life aims to make a positive difference in the lives of people with a disability. They provide services such as:

-        Residential Support tailored to the needs and preferences of people with a disability

-        Individual Support Services including a wide variety of day activity programs and Individual Support through utilisation of support workers

-        Respite including weekend camps (help with YMCA) and Holiday Respite.

All clients are referred through DHS and there are costs associated with all programs which can be found by contacting Focus Life.

Impact Support Services

Web: – not currently working

Phone: (03) 9568 6144

Impact support services is the recreational division of Melba Support Services and specialises in creating exciting learning environments in amazing locations around Australia and the world. While participating in such activities, people are offered the chance to develop and practice a range of skills which they can then apply to their daily lives.

Anyone aged 18 - 64 are eligible for Impact Support Services.

Impact also has a Funded Recreation Service which is funded through DHS and is available to people who are

-        Over the age of 16

-        Have a disability as certified by a medical practitioner

-        Are eligible under the Disability Services Act 1991

-        Live in North Western or Eastern regions of Victoria

-        Are reliant upon an unpaid carer.

For further information regarding prices and activity locations please contact Impact Support Services.

Independence Australia


Phone: 1300 704 451

Independence Australia is a not-for-profit organisation which helps people with disabilities or physical need to regain and extend their independence. Services offered include:

-      In home care (personal & household duties) -      Case management
-      Psychology -      Accommodation
-      Support Group -      Respite Care
-      Affordable Health Care Products  

Independence Australia provides free shipping on online orders and deliver the same day that you order. All orders arrive in discrete packaging.

There are various funding schemes available to all Australian citizens who meet the eligibility criteria. Information on these funding schemes can be found at:

For further information, please visit the Independence Australia Website.



Phone: 9792 7432

This service stands for Living Independence Access Integration Support Empowerment for people with acquired brain injury. It is a program for adults with a mild to moderate Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) which may have resulted from stroke, accident or illness. They help those affected with their individual goals with short-medium term services with a maximum of 18 months. There is no cost to access L.I.A.S.E. services. This organisation will help you access services in your local area such as recreational activities, educational programs, employment services and other community based services.

You are able to apply for this service if:

-        You have a diagnosis of ABI

-        You are aged between 18-64

-        Have mild-moderate support needs

-        You are interested in and willing to talk about your needs for living independently in the community

-        You require information about developing your skills

-        You live in the local council of Bayside, Casey, Cardinia, Frankston, Glen Eira, Greater Dandenong, Kingston, Mornington Peninsula, Port Phillip or Stonnington.



Phone: 9591 6400

Marillac provides services to people with disabilities across Melbourne’s south and east and on the Mornington Peninsula. Their services are person centred and each service begins with Marillac asking each person what they want and need from the service. They create plans to get people where they want to be which are then reviewed regularly. Costs are dependent on services, so for further information please visit the Marillac website or give them a call.

Merinda Park Learning & Community Centre Inc.


Phone: 5996 9056

Merinda Park Learning & Community Centre offers a range of both accredited and non-accredited courses. For information regarding courses available and course fees please contact Merinda Park or visit their website.

MI Fellowship

MI Fellowship is a not-forprofit membership organisation and is a Company Limited by Guarantee.
Their primary purpose is to support people with mental illness and other psychosocial disabilities, their families and their friends in order to gain inclusion into communities; to create a home, get a job and build meaningful relationships. They provide this support through recovery, education and advocacy programs. 
Recovery approaches and advocacy underpin all of their work and are their two very clear ‘reasons for being’. MI Fellowship’s advocacy and recovery services enable us to work toward social inclusion for people with mental illness and other psychosocial disabilities. 



Phone: 5975 7644

OzChild offers flexible respite programs for people with disabilities. Some of these programs include:

-        Tadpoles group (5-17yrs) for those with low to moderate needs located in the Southern Metropolitan Region (Casey, Cardinia, Dandenong, Frankston, Mornington Peninsula) which meets 12:30-3:30pm every second Saturday in the Cranbourne area. This group also has incursions/excursions to various locations around Melbourne.

-        Young adult (17-25yrs) groups for those with low to moderate needs located in the Southern Metropolitan Region (Casey, Cardinia, Dandenong, Frankston, Mornington Peninsula) which meet fortnightly/monthly and also have incursions/excursions to various locations around Melbourne.

-        1:1 Support & Community Access for children and young people aged 6-25years at the time of referral, living in the Southern Metropolitan Region (Casey, Cardinia, Dandenong, Frankston, Mornington Peninsula)

-        Recreation Activities and Camps for children aged 6-17 years with with low to moderate needs located in the Southern Metropolitan Region (Casey, Cardinia, Dandenong, Frankston, Mornington Peninsula). Over school holidays, recreation activities operate every day out of Mornington, Frankston, Dandenong and Cranbourne, and during the school term there are Saturday activities that operate during school terms out of Mornington, Frankston and Dandenong.

Programs are available to be paid for out of funding or for a separate fee. For further information please visit OzChild’s website. 

Respite South


Run by Alfred Health Carer Services, Respite South is part of the Respite Victoria network of disability respite websites set up by DHS to improve access to information regarding local respite options for carers and people with a disability across Victoria. Respite South covers areas of Bayside Peninsula, including local governments of Bayside, Frankston, Glen Eira, Kingston, Mornington Peninsula, Port Phillip and Stonnington; and Southern Melbourne including the local governments of Greater Dandenong, Casey and Cardinia.

Respite South provides information regarding DHS funded providers who are offering respite services to these areas. Please visit their website if you would like more information.

Statewide Autistic Services Inc (SASI)


Phone: (03) 9773 6044

SASI is a not-for-profit organisation funded through government grants, donations and fundraising activities. They offer a services to people with Austism Spectrum Disorders, their families and the community. These services include:

-        Accommodation: Shared accommodation houses for up to 5 people per house, who are over 18 and require long term accommodation support beyond what can be provided in the home environment. There are 2-3 disability support staff on site 24/7 to provide personal care and any support should you need it. Residents are actively encouraged to participate in all aspects of their lives, including helping with household activities such as preparing dinner. For more information please visit

-        Day Services: provided at Seaford, Croydon and Gippsland for people 18+ who are highly affected by autism or have other complex disabilities. The main focus of this service is to help the development of communication, social interaction and independent living skills through a diverse program of activities, which can include music, art, meals on wheels, cooking, domestic maintenance, community kitchen, drama, movie club, swimming, etc. For further information please visit

-        Community Based Recreation & Respite: with staff trained to specifically interact with people with autism, recreation & respite services include school holiday programs, camps, weekend adventure clubs, 1:1 in home and community based support, brokerage etc. Funding is available through the Great Break Funding Initiative and is provided by DHS via packages allocated to the person with a disability. For further information, please visit

-        Children’s Residential Respite: SASI offers a respite facility, known as the Swonnell House in Mentone, where children aged 5-18 years can have short term overnight care. With a capacity for 5 children at a time, children in respite are involved in a number of in-house and community-based activities, including weekend sleepovers for girls and boys. For further information, please visit

-        Education and Networking for Families and Carers: for further information, please visit



Phone: 1300 472 673

Scope is a not-for-profit organisation that exists to support people with physical, intellectual and multiple disabilities achieve their goals in life. They offer services specific to all individual age groups, for people with a disability and their families, for education providers and for corporations and communities. Some of the services they provide include:

-    Flexible Support Packages -    Communication Aids and Resources
-    Supported Employment -    Lifestyle Options
-    Respite Services -    Independent
-    Individual Support Package Facilitation -    Sports, arts and social activities
-    GoKids Mobility Services -    Supported Accomodation
-    And more.  

They have offices located over a vast range of Victoria. For further information please visit their site.

State Trustees


Phone: (03) 9667 6444

State Trustees aims to help Victorians with their financial needs to help them get the most out of life. They offer services which include will writing, deceased estate administration, attorney services, trustee services, genealogical services and finance management. For further information, including fees applicable, please visit their website.

The Bridge


Phone: +61 8710 8555

The Bridge, formerly known as Options Victoria, helps people with disabilities develop life skills through services such as day service, individual support and respite and recreation. They have sites in Berwick, Cranbourne, Dandenong, Narre Warren and Noble Park. They also offer employment opportunities, for which they have offices for in Berwick, Cheltenham, Cranbourne, Dandenong, Glen Waverly, Pakenham and Springvale.

The Bridge enables you to get where you want to go by allowing you to learn new skills, prepare for work, complete courses, achieve personal development and attend social and leisure activities. Those eligible for The Bridge’s services are those who have a disability, are over 18(with some exceptions), and who live in South East Melbourne and surrounding areas. For information, such as fees involved in their service, please visit their website or contact one of their offices.



Phone: (03) 9796 7650

Windermere is an independent community service organisation which services Southern Metropolitan Melbourne to Gippsland. They provide support to people who are dealing with issues such as physical, sexual or emotional abuse, neglect, violence in the family, lack of housing, have been the victim of a violent crime, are living with a disability, who care for a child with a developmental delay or who just need help to fit in or feel part of their community.

Windermere provides emotional and practical support, counselling, advice, education, advocacy, therapeutic interventions and reasons to come together, as well as child care through family day care, early childhood learning centres and for those with high needs, in home care. Majority of their services are free of charge, and individual circumstances are always taken into consideration before any fees are applicable.

Windermere services are available from 10 locations, including major centres in Narre Warren, Pakenham and Cranbourne.

For further information, please visit the Windermere website.


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